Friday, November 17, 2017

Thomas's High Elfs: Poncy's Pointy Spears

November output:  Poncy the Champion and 14 spearmen- 216 Pts

Equipment: Heavy Armor Shield, and Spears

Ratwig's Ksha' Ma and the Shriek - Witch Elves

My entry for November: Ksha’ Ma and the Shriek.

Eleven Witch Elves with a level 10 champion. 217 points total.

Equipment: Hand weapon, additional hand weapon, poisoned attacks, light armor. Musician.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Mike's Waagh Grogguzzler

Hey everybody! 

My names Mike and I have a terrible dark secret...I never played Warhammer' Fantasy 3rd edition before 2012. During the halycon days of youth I was spending my precious treasure on miniatures and modules for AD&D, the closest. Sadly those miniatures were long lost as I'm sure there were citadel miniatures in those purchases. I played some of the board games including hours of Battlemasters with miniatures painted poorly with my mom's Apple Barrel craft paints. 

Nigel's Army Of Undeath

I have been a degenerate hoarder of lead for many years. I have a problem. Really.

One range I have always loved is undead, starting with the Terror of the Lichemaster campaign pack and the lovely 'C' Series stuff.

This challenge has given me a kick up the arse to finally do an 'all lead' Undead army. I plan for this first 1000 points to be the first step towards an eventual 3000 pointer.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Chris’s Chaos Dwarfs

Hello all!

My name is Chris and I collect Dwarfs. I also collect Goblins. Not just old citadel ones either. I can’t help myself whenever I see a new range or Kickstarter for these little bastards. This challenge is a good opportunity for me to combine some of my recent purchases into one army. 

For the chaos dwarfs I will mainly be using Clam’s Ewal Dvergar with some support from old school Miniatures and Darkling games.

Blake's Lord Gromson's Imperial Dwarfs - A tribute army to Wayne England

Most of you probably know who Wayne England was...and his army that appeared in White Dwarf 135 launched thousands of dwarf armies upon the world. I always wanted to paint up a unit like the longbeards from that issue. I covered the hardship I had finding Bombo (Or Axe 17 in the catalogues!) (two of which Wayne used - and I could never find).

Then Wayne and I had reconnected, and I had helped get some of his shirts here for Oldhammer USA, and art prints that he sent based on his new gobbo artwork. He was talking about getting them made into miniatures (Earl and the gobbos would have been incredible!). He was kind enough to send me some original artwork, and I was thinking of taking the new minis, painting them up and making a cool triptych with two pieces of art and a box with glass for the extra unit.

When we all heard the news that Wayne had passed, I wanted to do a tribute unit, painted like his WD 135 unit. I thought that could take place of the Earl minis that I had planned to use. He had confided in me that he had sold that unit off to someone at the studio (or at GW I believe, and I don't think he remembered who), and regretted it. When the Old World Army Challenge came up, it was perfect because after a year, thanks to Brian Kirkell, I had finally assembled the entire unit.

The Dwarfs of (not Orc)Lord

This challenge offers an interesting opportunity to rehabilitate a bunch of old models that have been festering in the leadpit for several years, and to close a couple of other holes in my Dwarven horde.
The list isn't a legal 3rd edition Army on its own, that would need a bunch of crossbows, and the clansmen should be (40) warriors, but consists of stuff that I want to get painted. 
In use these would be supplemented by other units from my shelves, some of which may get their bases updated to match.

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