Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Andrea’s Army General and two further Wardancers (205pts)

Hi Folks!
This January force is 205 points worth and include the army general, on steed, and two wardancers.

The general was one of my first wood elf minis, part of the force I used to play in the 4th/5th edition, back in the ‘96. I only changed the steed. 

It was originally an unbarded steed, as it can be expected from a light and swift army like that of forest folk. However, I was impressed by the art drawing of a wood elf general on the army book, whose steed wears a magnificent barding. So, this time I decided to provide the barded steed to match that drawing. Here is the result! 

Anthony's Beasts of the Blue Serpent Clan (195pts)

While it has become prevalent amongst marauding tribes, in truth the Cult of the Blue Serpent has found sympathizers even amongst seemingly normal members of society. For there will always be those amongst us who wish for nothing more than to see the world burn. However, in the Realms of Chaos, it is no small wonder that beastmen form a significant portion of the Serpent god's followers and they are second in number only to marauding thugs. Disfigured, mutated and abhorrent in every way, beastmen of the Cult wait in fervent anticipation for the wakening of the Serpent god when the world of the righteous will be brought to its knees and annihalated in one final act of contempt.

Beastmen emerge from a forest and attack a nearby village

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Lissanne's High Elf Tower of Snow/Swords of Hoeth (208 pts)

10 Swords (16 each), including standard bearer, musician and champion (+48 pts)
'There too were the folk of the Pillar and the Tower of Snow. and both these kindred were marshalled by Penlod'- the Book of Lost Tales vol 2.  the Fall of Gondolin.

Another of the 12 Houses of Gondolin, Swords of Hoeth as the Tower of Snow.
The champion 'Penlod the Tall' is half a head taller than the other rather tall figs, so is a accurate figure to be unit champion. I decided I didn't like the look of the shields I had put on the test figure after all, so these have no shields.

Millsy's Empire: Duke Leopold von Bildhofen (157pts)

G'day Guys,

Here's my January submission, Duke Leopold von Bildhofen of Carroburg mounted on a pegasus. 157 points of feathery, fanciful goodness to take me past the 600 point mark.

It's a lovely model but was a right bugger to paint and assemble. Being an all metal model I elected to do the rider and saddle separately to make things less likely to topple over or get damaged. Whilst that certainly helped with the painting, assembly and gluing caused me a number of headaches with glue spills and a repaint of part of the pegasus. Such is life!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Thomas's High Elves: Lord Teflon 216 Pts

January is fast upon us.  I was going to go with the bowmen but decided I was on a roll with the horses I would knock out my general this month. 

November & December Progress report

Our statistician in chief Jeff Allen was nice enough to produce this handy chart of all the challenger's progress; the green is what has been done, and the number on the grey is what's left to do. Slowly but surely we are all getting there!

Also to all Challengers : January marks the mid-point of the challenge. We encourage all challengers to post a pic of their force to date along with their January submission.

Keep painting, 

Friday, January 5, 2018

Ratwig's January Entry: Varl Heavy Hand and Tddddddddt (232pts)

My entry for January: Varl Heavy

Hand and Tddddddddt.

Army General, Level 20 Dark Elf Champion and Giant Scorpion. 232 points total.

General’s Equipment: Hand weapon, lance, crossbow, heavy armor, shield, warhorse, barding.

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